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Portal to Skylands Pg 72 by Ba-sh
by Ba-sh

ok well it must be said the way he's standing is a great start because you got a amazing figure for it so probs on that now time for so...

PC: Sarahdia in the deep blue~ by Ba-sh
by Ba-sh

well i have to say you out did your self and heres what i have to sayabout this great piece of art the shading is great and wonderful t...



magma smile shock by shroomworld387
magma smile shock
Made with deviantART muro So i was finally able to upload something early today yay. Well mainly because i don't know if i'll have time to upload anything latter today so yeah. You know it's thanks giving and all and yes i know not every one selebrates it even i my self don't really whant to do it. But i guess family is more important so yeah. Any way so have yet another skin i also drew this on papper yester day on the same one with the slathren on it. But i can only upload one drawing that was drawn on that day. So i drew this one today. For you all and also once again i know about the shortage of skins so thats why i'm drawing them. Don't worrie i think tomarrow will be diffrent so that means there will not be another skin tomarrow.

TIME TAKEN. 1 hour 15 minutes

DAMURO. basic draw tool for ling art, lighting and, the cracks. flood fill for main and background color, slelect tool to keep flood fill in it's propper place, eraser for many uses, oppacity at 100-50 and sofftness at 0-100 for lighting effects.

And thats it sorry for no skin break down this time. I just thought a cool background was good enough for today. Well i hope you like it and as always have a wonderful and awsome day or night see ya.


-smile shock
lore maker the archives master by shroomworld387
lore maker the archives master
Made with deviantART muro So sorry for any wrong spelling in this. So any way this is just a little something i made atleast two or three days ago so yeah. Uh it's actuly a new wacky battle character i was hopeing to release him earler but i already had dawn up at the time so i waited a few days to show him. Well let's not wait for the grass to grow let's get to the good stuff.

Now i know what your thinking when has the person in the story talked to you. But as if you don't know i am the lore maker. I have made every singal bio or more i have wrinten down. Every singal bio, lore, or story of all the battlers. On wack so heres my story you see. I was part of the group known as the treshing. This group was not from wack or earth or the sun or the galaxy or even from a planet. We came from the story lord he summond my people to keep track of every happening. Every were and to put it in the lost archives. For safe keeping I have chossen the path of wirting the battlers lores. And so i have done and i will continue to do for years to come.

1.Basic story. Useing this will make a green orb shoot out of lore makers hand. Dealing 5 damage to enemie targets hit by it. This orb will also leave a damage over time effect wich will stack on enemies it's starts off with 2 the limit of the stack is 10 damage over time. The orbs last effect is a green trail wich can't give the damage over time effect but will deal 3 damage constantly to enemies in the trail the trail will vanish after 3.5 seconds. This attacj dose not have a cool down and must be constanly used in order to keep fireing.
2.unleashed legend. This will heal you for 35 health back and deal 15 damage to all enemies caught in the heals raideus. This heal will also incress your movment speed by 12.3 percent. Cool down for this is 14.6
3.lores of mystory. Once in use a portal will form behind you this portal will suck things into it makeing it a useful stun on enemies. After 4.2 seconds the portal will then explode dealing 25 damage to the enemies in it. Cool down for this is 10.8 seconds.

basic damage.5

TIME TAKEN. i can't really remeber but i think about an hour.

DAMURO. basic draw tool for line art and glowing effects, flood fill for main color and background color, select tool for flood fill to be in its proper points, oppacity at 100-50 and sofftness at 0-100 for lighting effects.

I hope you like him as much as i do and have a great day or night bie.

ART and CHARACTER is mine.

-lore maker
skeletal slathren by shroomworld387
skeletal slathren
Made with deviantART muro So yeah i made a new skin. And whooy did this take forever to make to say the truth i was not excpecting it to take as long as it did. Well mabey i should start excpecting long things for now on. Any way i actuly drew this down on papper early to day as a concept skin but it looked really cool so i hade to remake it on the DAMURO so yeah. Ah it turned out better on papper acutly but it still looks pretty boss here to me. Well any way i'm sorry about no skins that much latley actuly so i thought i would upload this for the lack of skins as well. So have a slathren made of bones YUS. And sorry for a really bad snake bone structure but i'm still new to the drawing bones kinda thing.

TIME TAKEN. 1 hour and 5 mintues

DAMURO. basic draw tool for line art and lighting effects, flood fill for main art and background color and background bone color, select tool for keeping the flood fill in it's spots, ereaser for many uses and glim in the eyes, move tool and size tool for it's placed position and size, oppacity at 100-50 and sofftness at 0-100 for lighting effects

Wow that's alot more things i used than i thought i did. Any way i hope you like it as much as i do and tell me what you think about it in the comments. And as always have a great and wonderful day or night see ya later.

the character and art is mine.

Under the moon and stars by shroomworld387
Under the moon and stars
Made with deviantART muro So this is well the drawing of the day i guess once again no actule plot or any thing to it. It's just a drawing but atleast it's not winter wing so that makes me happy. Any way this was quite the pain to draw because of all the spikes on him. And no this is not a dragon wich is why it's a he and not a she just pointing that out there. Well now thta thats out of the way. Let's get to the actule description. So i took the oppertunity to show you what wacks moon looks like finaly. It's in the top right corner just in case you didn't see it. Well not much els to say it was just another plain ol drawing really.

timetaken. 1 hour

DAMURO. basic draw tool for line art and glowing effects, flood fill for main art and background art, select tool, eraser tool, oppacity at 100-50 and sofftness at 0-100 for lighting effects.

I hope you like it just as much as i do. And don't forget to have a great day or night and thank you for viewing bie.

Art is done by me.

you can call me winter by shroomworld387
you can call me winter
UGH ok meh i am just bllahdsalhnduiashfyuewgayufb. Ok i am so sorry about that but i'm just so angry alright. Here's the story.

So i was drawing a picture about an hour or so ago and it looked so good it took me 1 hour and 12 minutes to make and it turned out just amazing it was orignaly going to be the daily drawing. Lets just say i really loved it ok it was a picture of yes winter wing but it just looked. Ah it pains me to remeber but it looked good thats all i can say. But when it got to the saving point when i was done an error happened and i had to CLOSE the tab and open a new one. Now most of the time a drawing will go to my stash when it was finished but didn't laod all the way nope not today. I was deleted completly so i was angered and sad at the same time so i spent another 35 minutes trying to recover it. Nope once again so that was 1 hour and 12 minutes of my life and time gone vanish bye bye.

Any way so i tried to draw the same picture it turned out well but it still dosn't look like the origanle though. I wish it was but it's not. It still looks good though right mah who am i kidding.


So yeah sorry about all the winter wing art it's just she's gotten way to much fun to draw so yeah. Ah other than that i tried a new way of well 3Ding things on this one i hope it worked well.


DAMURO. basic draw tool for line art and back ground art, flood fill for colors on main art, laryers 1 and back ground, eraser tool, oppacity 100-23 and sofftness at 0-100 for all background.

So i hoep you like it as much as i still do. Ah have a great day or night every one and sorry once again for a long delay.

charact is mine and the art is mine do NOT STEAL IT.

-winter wing
 I am so happy right now ok. I know 20 watchers is like nothing but for me it's every thing.

It's been so hard to come up with content people like and it just makes me feel whanted or even just there in the world.
So i just whant to thank the 20 people who do watch me. Just thank you I am sorry i don't really talk to you all any more but it's because i can't come up with any thing that compares to all of your greatness. So thank you for watching me you are all great people I just don't know what to say this just made me happy that right when i checked the messages. And it said 20 people watch you my heart almost stoped beating i was just to happy. So thank you every one.

-your caring friend shroomworld387

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monsters and cretures
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
i love to write and draw storys and cretures and hope people have a great time and i found :dalogo: and i was so happy :) and i thoght that this is how i can show my art to the world thanks for every one who visets my chanle and i do eney kinda monster or creature you know or just whant to see and thats mainly it not much els to say

: catchfrase online : have a good day or night

personal quoat: time isn't a toy it's a teaching

a quiz for my game wacky battles if your up to it

and if you whant to ask some of my oc's here you go

comissions if your intrested

some people that i think you should see

1. :iconba-sh:

2. :icondragonrage19:

3. :iconproto-drago:


and i am proud to say im a fan of the comic PTS i also think you will like it Portal to Skylands Stamp by Ba-sh

LLamas till next ID update:75(update will have the full story of me)

1.i say fish alot in real life for some reason.
2.i also say taco alot.
3.i even say taco fish.
4.i have anger problems but i have a freind in real life who helps me with them.
5.I'm alway's happy even when i'm sad scared or even mad.
6.I have feelings for OC'S even when i know there not living.
7.I act like OC'S are real i have cover thins before but i'm going to bput it here permintly.
8.I really suck at spelling.
9.I have made the promis to never say a curse word ever again or even in my life once.
10.I practice art every day and love doing it.
11.I like to make friends with just about every one
12.I think to my self way to much for my own good.
13.I am still on the hunt to finde i real ml creature(it started like 3 years ago)
14.I am nice but kinda mean at the same time in real life.
15.I love being weird and kinda stupid it makes me speacle in my own way.
16.I have made an actule language and i use it at school.
17.I will never be perfect but thats good because that means i can always improve more and more.
18.I love every comment,LLama,view,fav,watch,point donation,gift, any one gives me.
19.I am always itching for random act's of kindness to do.
20.I am a gamer and reall bad at it. but it's fun any way.

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hi every one i would love some points for the chanle and it would make my day to gain some so i hope i can reach my goal and lets all have a nice day or night

point love by shroomworld387

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