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Twilight -w- by Ba-sh
by Ba-sh

Ok let me start off with wow. The colors are awesome and smooth for the eye's. As well as the stance is wonderful. And not to mention t...

Grumpy forest dragon by Ba-sh
by Ba-sh

Ok hear's my words that i can say about it. First of the detail in the back ground is absolutly beautiful. With that paint like texture...

Portal to Skylands Pg 72 by Ba-sh
by Ba-sh

ok well it must be said the way he's standing is a great start because you got a amazing figure for it so probs on that now time for so...

PC: Sarahdia in the deep blue~ by Ba-sh
by Ba-sh

well i have to say you out did your self and heres what i have to sayabout this great piece of art the shading is great and wonderful t...



What do ya say smile's? by shroomworld387
What do ya say smile's?
Made with DeviantArt muro

Well this was a little count down :D Any way. Watch your mouth smile shock DX

Any way no one like's Little weed :)

I hope you semi liked liked this. Now have a great day or night see ya.

Art/characters (c) me

-Smile shock
-Little weed
Battler's react: ASDF movies by shroomworld387
Battler's react: ASDF movies
Made with DeviantArt muro

And here is another react! Wow it's been a while sense I did one ^^;

So this one was requested by the one and only :iconsparklekitties:

So let me explain, if you have read White death's story then you should understand reference :D Also you would know he doesn't speak. And lastly, he doesn't have a big sense of humor. Trying to get him to laugh is like trying to kill something immortal with a useless twig. Not to mention White death's inability of speech again. (Hes not actually mute, he just doesn't make any sort of sound or vocal)

Any way, though that's just a bit of knowledge over White death. So if any one wants him to react, just be careful of what your wanting him to react to. He is mainly based on facial expression, so you can tell in this one he doesn't really care much about movies. But then again if your immortal, and live in a world filled with magical item's and strange creatures. Would you really need to care about movies?

Well I hope you like it, if you would like to see another react say so in the comment's! i would love to have my characters react to what you want! Now have a great day or night. See ya!

Art/ White death (c) me

- White death
Sea duct station: Concept art by shroomworld387
Sea duct station: Concept art
Made with DeviantArt muro So hi there! This is the sea duct station. Or at least a quarter of it. I must say, I don't upload much of the technical stuff for Wacky battles. It's mainly character's and such. But this time, here is part of a map. A rather old map, but a map nonetheless.

I will say, this was fun! Really really fun :) It felt good to do some map art for once. I always do skin's and character's. But this was a nice switch over :D So much more enjoyable to do after a long while. Also I updated the turrets design some more. As well this is to kinda give a small feel to what the game is supposed to be like.

As it is, this is still only a small bit of the map. And I don't really think I'll be drawing more for a while. But at least this was some good practice.

The background was the most fun to draw. I mean look at that jelly fish!

So that's it, Now have a great day or night. See ya next time.

Art/ wacky battles/ Random map (c) me

- Sea duct station
Dlahhhhhh :Another art trade: by shroomworld387
Dlahhhhhh :Another art trade:
Made with DeviantArt muro Gahh, how did I get myself into one of these again? Any wobber's.

Dis be for :iconsparklekitties: Of her character Marcy! Must be said, I overly did the detail on this character. But ya know...

By the way this character is not a DRAGON! I am stating this now. There will be no DRAGON'S! Nope notta, nothing to see here if your looking for dragon's.

Well I hope you like it :D Now have a great day or night. And I'll see ya next time.

art (c) me

Marcy (C) The cat's that sparkle

-Sparkle shmeow's
-Marcy (the not DRAGON)
Just do as the title says.

There is nothing to read here. So just go... You still here? Ah fine, if your going to be this persistent.

Concerning, not much I guess it's just updates on random stuff. Yeah I know it's that boring stuff no one likes to read. So maybe you should just go. How about draw something? Or watch a movie? No, you really want to read this boring stuff? Alright then.

Concerning characters.

Four word's, NO, MORE, WINTER, WING. It's been fun drawing her, but she's over used by this point. I know she's my main character and all. But Some time's (grabs shut gun.) You have to put her down.

As for this, that means I'll focus on other characters more. Such as Choco, or white death. Maybe even some of my literal other characters. Who knows the ghosts might show up again. I'm truly just trying to give some more of my other characters some love. And not just Winter wing. I don't know how long it will take for me to draw her again. But she's been done way to much.

Winter wing: Wait, are you getting rid of me?! Are you replacing me? Who is it!? Another blue and gold dragon! Fine! I see how's it's going to be. Have fun drawing her instead. I'm going back to the station.

Well... that just happened.  I guess she's gone now... That leaves me no choice but to draw others instead until she comes back.

Concerning dragon's.
Any way, other then the Winter wing crisis of twenty fifteen. I'm going to try and draw more strange and interesting characters. I mean how is a blue and gold dragon original in any sort of way? Or even any of my dragon characters for that matter. As it is, I'm sick of dragon's for the time being. For me, they're an over used species. I see them every where, even some original species or race's, happen to be practically the same as a dragon. I'm not saying I hate them, I love them. But I need a load off of them. I have had so much time wasted on drawing only just one dragon. Not any more. I'm going to work on my other character's.

As for dragon lover's, I understand you love them! So do I, but I don't want them to be something I'm known for drawing a lot. In fact, I am practically just going to probably drop them for the time being. I want to grab, and beat the living day light's out of some new original art. So with that being said, I'm done with the beloved species known as dragons...

Concerning The mascot
Wow that's a strange thing to concern.
So as we know, I'm based on different types of mushrooms and Fungi. Why you may ask. Because I have an interest in them. But I have no true mascot beside Winter wing. And she's kinda gone for the time being. I want my mascot to go with my theme of fungi. So I'll be working on that soon. This mascot wont be a character, but more of a symbol regarding me as a person.

Concerning art
Another four words, MY, ART, IS, CRAP. Alright, so my art is truly pieces of some ones crap put together and molded into sloppy lines and even worse shading. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I'm going back to the study board and I'm going to practice my line art some more. Because I wouldn't want to see what a draw due to how bad it really is. But then again, every one starts some where right?

Well this journal has been happy the whole time! And no one at all was offended :D
Except maybe some dragon lover's... And any one who was actually my friend.
Yeah maybe it was best to Ignore this journal ^^;

Smile shock: Your dumb man, just really dumb. You don't just make journals like these. And leave of with people being offended. But you know what, forget about it, you drove off one of my best friends already. Now I can't even see her. I feel sorry for all the people who read this. You basically said the same stuff three times. And then went ahead and said. Hahaha it was worth it!

Your right smile's but this journal is over. I have nothing else to say. So have a great day or night.

-That guy

Journal History


shroomworld387's Profile Picture
monsters and creatures
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
And hello there great people of the internet. And welcom to the house of horror's. My name is shromworld387 or you can call me. Shroomworld, shroomy, da shroom, shroom, or really anything you like.

Or also known as my home page. In here you will find taco's fish and the wabajack so yeah.

Any way I'm a traditional and digital artist. That really loves to say fish for some reason. Now i know the place looks like absolute junk so ah here have something flashy.

do u lime it by frdge do u lime it by frdge do u lime it by frdge

Okay not satisfied okay then bam Moving arena - nz2 by KPEKEP How about that no what ever.

Any way I'm usually nice to talk to along if you. Give me bread (so i can throw it at my pesky neighbors)

Well any way i found this site due to some one on. You tube actually about a year ago or so ago. But i didn't join until :iconba-sh: Came along the road they were the one who inspired me to join. So yeah and i have been drawing and improving ever sense.

Yes i agree i have terrible spelling. SPLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSHHH!!!!
Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus

So i don't have many skill's. But i am good at speech and way's with wording. I am also good at killing thing's off in my stories and. Drawings as well i am good at gaming but definatly not the best.

Some random stuff about me and my beautiful history
1. When i was about five i got on a rolling chair and busted my head open when it fell over.
2. When i was about 6 or 7. I climbed onto a broken pole when i was wet. And slippery and then slid down it making about 12 long and deep bloody scratches. :)
3. I was so sad at one time. That i tried to kill my self at school.
4. I am the picked on...
5. almost no one likes me or even cares that i exist.

I have Atychiphobia :(

And that is my colorful history and facts. :D

Now please do enjoy your stay at my place.

: catchfrase online : have a good day or night

personal quot: time isn't a toy it's a teaching

I am on the quest to become a professional DA MURO user!

a quiz for my game wacky battles if your up to it

and if you want to ask some of my oc's here you go

commissions if your interested(In need of an update :I)

character theme music!

These people have inspired me. And helped me through some tough times.

1. :iconba-sh: The one who help me start every thing on here. If you hadn't come up. None of this could have happened. I thank you the most!

2. :iconfskin: A great artist, with a great personalty. And also gave me great inspiration thank you friend.

3. :iconlyricathedragon: An amazing friend, with amazing skill's. I wouldn't be as social with out you.

4. :icondragonsandbeasties: Helped boost my love for sculpting, and is a great sculptor and artist them self.

5. :iconsoronadragon: Is the reason I uploaded my story and even worked harder on it. She also gave me hope on drawing great thing's. She's an amazing artist.

6. :icona7xsparx: An artist with a huge sense of humor, and also a twist of creepah in every drawing. You helped me every day with major jokes. Thank you for making life easier to deal with.

7. :iconddraigtanto: Is an awe inspiring writer to me. They're stories are like ancient scripts written into gold to me. And I will always remember every possible story they write. For me the stories don't tell a fantasy. No they tell of history, a world that exists! One that you could perhaps visit one day. A world more real then any other I have seen.

8.:iconilkyra: They got me into the love of animation, They inspired me to look up other artist's. And they also gave me the idea to get some animation classes. That will help boost up in the process. They not only did that, but also got me to try and draw better and better. I thank you Ilkyra!

9. :iconstar2behold: My second animation inspiration, they are absolutely random and amazing. I love they're work and art. As well as the animation is smooth and well done. I couldn't have asked for a better crazy person before. They truly are a star 2 be hold.

and i am proud to say I'm a fan of the comic PTS i also think you will like it Portal to Skylands Stamp by Ba-sh

Llamas till next ID update: 175 update includes ( favorite character's from friends list. And also my main character's list.)

1.i say fish a lot in real life for some reason.
2.i also say taco a lot.
3.i even say taco fish.
4.i have anger problems but i have a friend in real life who helps me with them.
5.I'm always happy even when I'm sad scared or even mad.
6.I have feelings for OC'S even when i know there not living.
7.I act like OC'S are real i have covered thins before but I'm going to put it here permanetely.
8.I really suck at spelling.
9.I have made the promise to never say a curse word ever again or even in my life once.
10.I practice art every day and love doing it.
11.I like to make friends with just about every one
12.I think to my self way to much for my own good.
13.I am still on the hunt to find a real mythical creature (it started like 3 years ago)
14.I am nice but kinda mean at the same time in real life.
15.I love being weird and kinda stupid it makes me special in my own way.
16.I have made an actual language and i use it at school.
17.I will never be perfect but that's good because that means i can always improve more and more.
18.I love every comment,Llama,view,fav,watch,point donation,gift, any one gives me.
19.I am always itching for random act's of kindness to do.
20.I am a gamer and really bad at it. but it's fun any way.

I am sorry but i don't do requests so please just please don't ask for them. Thank you

Every day is random now!

1. page views 10,000 by 2016
2. watchers 100 by 2016
3. comments 10,000 by 2016
4. Me have no clue what to put here :I

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Shroomworld387: Please send point's I'm poor!

Winter wing: Don't listen to him, he just want's money.

Shroomworld387: It's point's not money! There is a big difference.

Winter wing: What ever, please only send as much as you want. Every bit of donation help's us out a lot!

Shroomworld387: Or you know of course you could just send me the point's. And I could use it for my own need's.

Winter wing: Or don't send any at all, it's really up to you. Not the shroom, he's an idiot who can't even spell the word phobia right.

Shroomworld387: Donate when ever you want I won't force ya :D

In all seriousness any donation would be great. And well appreciated :) It help's out with saving issues and also channel problems. But remember they are your point's and use them how you want to!

Now have a great day or night!

Winter wing: Now that's a better way to say it.

Smile shock: I actually said some thing! I'm victorious!

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