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Practice by KaidahTheDragon

Okay, time for meh SERIOUS post (put's on a SERIOUS face) First off, love the shading you did, it matches well with the small patches o...

Sunlit Night by Ba-sh
by Ba-sh

Okay, first, I love the position on this. It was well done (to me in personal opinion) The lighting set's the main mood for the backgro...

Twilight -w- by Ba-sh
by Ba-sh

Ok let me start off with wow. The colors are awesome and smooth for the eye's. As well as the stance is wonderful. And not to mention t...

Grumpy forest dragon by Ba-sh
by Ba-sh

Ok hear's my words that i can say about it. First of the detail in the back ground is absolutly beautiful. With that paint like texture...



Wanna Puff?...With some Cyanide hehehe by shroomworld387
Wanna Puff?...With some Cyanide hehehe
Made with DeviantArt muro

"Name's Mor-ay Eel in case ya's didn't know."

Quick art that doesn't at all in anyway hint to a future patch....

I had fun drawing this, it was an... Interesting one to do :D
Tried more line-less I hope it turned out okay but I think it could be better.

Anyway I hope you like it, now ave a great day or night! Take care ^^

Art,Character (c) me :iconshroomworld387:

-Whiplash/Mor-ay Eel
Open wide by shroomworld387
Open wide
Made with DeviantArt muro

Airy with her strap off!!!
Basically she's had it on for so long that it left a mark on scale's.

Not much else to say, just felt like drawing it really.

So I hope you like it, now have a great and marvelous day or night! Take care people ^^

art,Airy (c) me :iconshroomworld387:

innocent as always by shroomworld387
innocent as always
Made with DeviantArt muro

Random Winterwing because why not?

I draw her too often but who cares (look's at Wyvern haters)
Still! She's adorable come on we can agree on that right? (no)
Well then I find her adorable <3

Welp I hope you like her randomness, now have a great day or night! Take care people ^^

Art,Winterwing (c) me :iconshroomworld387:

Let the insanity consume you by shroomworld387
Let the insanity consume you
Made with DeviantArt muro

"Poor soul won't except her fate, then I'll have to force her to."

Yay more random art for no reason!!!

Had fun drawing this actually, it was fast and simple.

So some (or most I don't know) Might have noticed something's about Winterwing lately. If you look at her at some points you'll notice a stinger or her tail, or sometimes she's acting strange.
So it doesn't take any more evidence then that to know that she's been going insane for a while now :D

Poor thing won't except what awaits  her though :(

Also that strange guy is Mel (shadow of Melthrosh) So does this mean Winterwing will be an enemy or remain the same I dunno. We'll let time decide that :D

I hope you like it, now have a great day or night! Take care people ^^

art,Mel,Winterwing (c) me

It was the day before cosmos's next birthday. He was a brown furry creature of no specific species. His under fur was silver and shined about the many stars that circled him.  He also had four leg's,with three claws on each.  With a possible thumb hidden in side the foot. Of both front feet. And lastly his eyes looked like galaxies, that kept spinning at a slow and steady pace. His right eye was a blue galaxy while his other was a purple galaxy. He was thinking that in just a few moments he would be 963 yeas old. Usually he would get a visit by Traviler and the two would talk business which was some thing cosmos. Liked to much, every day of his life was about work. Not once did he just relax or do any thing to entertain himself (or others for that matter) But it's not that he couldn't it's that he liked. His work and he always wondered why people do entertain them selves. 

Now of course though he would also always get some thing from creation (Who is the one that made cosmos) Every time he grew older. Usually she would get him strange and odd items to help him work. But she felt as if this year she would change it up for him and instead will give him. The one thing he never felt the idea of entertainment. 

"Hey hey hey Cosmos I sense that your growing older and older!" Traviler said coming from a cloud of blue and green smoke. Traviler looked like a green and yellow scaled snake with arms. He had a hood that pulled back so his face was visible. In his left hand he had a staff which was made of a brown wood. With a plain green orb at the top of it.  Other than that he was wearing a leather brown back pack. Meant for hiking. Lastly his eye's were a baby blue color that glowed dimly but brightly. " Ha ha Traviler my old friend how are you!?" Cosmos laughed out turning around to meet his friend. 'It's been a while hasn't it Cosmos I thought I would never see you again. But now I'm having doubts about that thought now." "Ah yes i see Traviler well i'm still here as i always am.' Cosmos said with a smile While walking over to Traviler. 
Cosmos released his thumbs from inside him and shook Travilers hands. "My dear friend it's nice to see you here. Do tell me hat is it, that you fancy?" Cosmos said releasing Travilers hand. "Oh i just come to see how your doing up here. You know growing older and all. I can't believe how fast you've grown. Your almost as tall as me!" Traviler said happily, Then he put his staff on a holder. On his back ",so hows it been with the others?" Cosmos asked showing Traviler. A open space for them to walk and talk. "Oh Him shake and the sisters are doing fine. You know protecting things and keeping history in the. Alreeki vaults." Traviler said looking down at Cosmos. "Ah well that's good to hear, you didn't get into any Kelthrum business did you?" Cosmos asked, "No no none of that business the Kelthrum are to stay. Were belong and are to not be messed with. You know that they are. Some day to be over seers some; someday, but if we barge in we could ruin that. But no I have done nothing with the, Kelthrum YET." Traivler explained, "Well that a relief any way it is really great to see you here. You see I have some thing of great. Importance to show you." Cosmos then started to move faster. Darting away to a cloth (that if you looked at it would look like staring into outer space)

He took the cloth of some sort. Off of an object it was covering. What was revealed was. A 12ft Copper globe like machine. It was powered by steam. And pressure, "You see i made it my self." "Very impressive but what dose it do?" Traviler asked. 'Watch," Cosmos said pressing a button, Soon the machine started up. And let out steam and bright grey smoke;then, the globe opened up and a. Vortex that shifted colors was revealed within. The vortex was rather loud and it spinned extremely fast. 'Well still impressive but that doesn't. Tell me what it dose," Traivler was yelling. Due to the loud noise it made. 'It can teleport you to any world you want it. To It as well gives a visual of. Any thing you want to see!" Cosmos yelled back then turning off. The machine, In which the globe shut again. And the area fell silent.

Journal History


shroomworld387's Profile Picture
monsters and creatures
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
And hello there great people of the internet. And welcom to the house of horror's. My name is shromworld387 or you can call me. Shroomworld, shroomy, da shroom, shroom, or really anything you like.

I am an Agnostic... Yep, that me XD

I'm also a huge Pessimist.

Or also known as my home page. In here you will find taco's fish and the wabajack so yeah.

Any way I'm a traditional and digital artist. That really loves to say fish for some reason. Now i know the place looks like absolute junk so ah here have something flashy.

do u lime it by frdge do u lime it by frdge do u lime it by frdge

Okay not satisfied okay then bam Moving arena - nz2 by KPEKEP How about that no what ever.

Any way I'm usually nice to talk to along if you. Give me bread (so i can throw it at my pesky neighbors)

Well any way i found this site due to some one on. You tube actually about a year ago or so ago. But i didn't join until :iconba-sh: Came along the road they were the one who inspired me to join. So yeah and i have been drawing and improving ever sense.

Yes i agree i have terrible spelling. SPLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSHHH!!!!
Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus

So i don't have many skill's. But i am good at speech and way's with wording. I am also good at killing thing's off in my stories and. Drawings as well i am good at gaming but definatly not the best.

Some random stuff about me and my beautiful history
1. When i was about five i got on a rolling chair and busted my head open when it fell over.
2. When i was about 6 or 7. I climbed onto a broken pole when i was wet. And slippery and then slid down it making about 12 long and deep bloody scratches. :)
3. I was so sad at one time. That i tried to kill my self at school.
4. I am the picked on...
5. almost no one likes me or even cares that i exist.

I have Atychiphobia :(

And that is my colorful history and facts. :D

Now please do enjoy your stay at my place.

: catchfrase online : have a good day or night

personal quot: time isn't a toy it's a teaching

I am on the quest to become a professional DA MURO user!

a quiz for my game wacky battles if your up to it

and if you want to ask some of my oc's here you go

commissions if your interested:

character theme music!

These people have inspired me. And helped me through some tough times.

1. :iconba-sh: The one who help me start every thing on here. If you hadn't come up. None of this could have happened. I thank you the most! I have felt like a big waste, but you've been there for me. Sense the very begging of my art journey on this site. Our friend ship here is strong and will forever be strong. Thank you for the nice calming conversations at times, and thank you for helping me make new friends along my long travel through life.

2. :iconfskin: A great artist, with a great personalty. And also gave me great inspiration thank you friend. I hope the best for you, and that you will keep improving your style and craft. No matter what! I will always enjoy your presence and your art.

3. :iconlyriyale: An amazing friend, with amazing skill's. I wouldn't be as social with out you. And I wouldn't be trying harder every day to get better wit out you! No matter how bad I do, or how much I downgrade my self to a piece of trash. Your always there to bring me to my feet and let me try again and again. You've inspired me to work harder every day, so that one day, I may be as good as you. Both socially and artistically.

4. :icondragonsandbeasties: Helped boost my love for sculpting, and is a great sculptor and artist them self. Even if you don't reply much, I'm always happy to know when you upload and when your ready to share with your watchers! Thanks for inspiring me to try new thing's.

5. :iconsoronadragon: Is the reason I uploaded my story and even worked harder on it. She also gave me hope on drawing great thing's. She's an amazing artist, and has an amazingly funny personality! She's a great conversationalist, and all in all a fun person to be around.

6. :icona7xsparx: An artist with a huge sense of humor, and also a twist of creepah in every drawing. You helped me every day with major jokes. Thank you for making life easier to deal with.

7. :iconddraigtanto: Is an awe inspiring writer to me. They're stories are like ancient scripts written into gold to me. And I will always remember every possible story they write. For me the stories don't tell a fantasy. No they tell of history, a world that exists! One that you could perhaps visit one day. A world more real then any other I have seen.

8.:iconilkyra: They got me into the love of animation, They inspired me to look up other artist's. And they also gave me the idea to get some animation classes. That will help boost up in the process. They not only did that, but also got me to try and draw better and better. I thank you Ilkyra!

9. :iconstar2behold: My second animation inspiration, they are absolutely random and amazing. I love they're work and art. As well as the animation is smooth and well done. I couldn't have asked for a better crazy person before. They truly are a star 2 be hold.

10.:iconxcrystal-w0lfx: The one who has had such a great will and beautiful personality, that no one could stop her from doing what she loved. I can always look to her if I ever feel if something is to hard for me to handle. She will always be there with some sort of strange pun for me to laugh at.

11.:iconkaidahthedragon: It's been great to be working with you! I can remember your beautiful fascination with carpets. I love your work and also your ideas. You and I have talked over the species your making so many time. That I come to find them more and more interesting every time. I love siting and talking to you. Even if it's just about technical species traits, or how lovely gore can be at times. Either way I'm all ear's and full attention to any thing you have to say.

and i am proud to say I'm a fan of the comic PTS i also think you will like it Portal to Skylands Stamp by Ba-sh

Llamas till next ID update: 200 Llama badges (adding Links to stories)

Favorite characters from friends list! (no particular order)
The ever so Adorable E.D by :iconba-sh:
The Egg's beautiful Lyriyale by the artist with the same name :iconlyriyale:
That Awesome Raven,leopard,Ice dragon from Kaidah! :iconkaidahthedragon:
Fran from the mighty Banana XD :iconbananareeeeeene:

And that's sadly it by this particular moment :I

Main characters (ordered from first to last)
1. Winterwing (taking top spot as usual)
2. Smileshock (Smile my man!)
3. Airy (How did she get on here?)
4. Timer (he may not seem main but trust me... He is.)
5. Odd-um (The leaf cat)
6. Kathrine (Why wouldn't she be on here?)
7. Slathern (Of course we needed a medic!)
8. Choco (The hover board chocolate bar!)
9. Whitedeath (The cat in the sock)
10.Rebet (I'm surprised he's this far down.)

1.i say fish a lot in real life for some reason.
2.i also say taco a lot.
3.i even say taco fish.
4.i have anger problems but i have a friend in real life who helps me with them.
5.I'm always happy even when I'm sad scared or even mad.
6.I have feelings for OC'S even when i know there not living.
7.I act like OC'S are real i have covered thins before but I'm going to put it here permanetely.
8.I really suck at spelling.
9.I have made the promise to never say a curse word ever again or even in my life once.
10.I practice art every day and love doing it.
11.I like to make friends with just about every one
12.I think to my self way to much for my own good.
13.I am still on the hunt to find a real mythical creature (it started like 3 years ago)
14.I am nice but kinda mean at the same time in real life.
15.I love being weird and kinda stupid it makes me special in my own way.
16.I have made an actual language and i use it at school.
17.I will never be perfect but that's good because that means i can always improve more and more.
18.I love every comment,Llama,view,fav,watch,point donation,gift, any one gives me.
19.I am always itching for random act's of kindness to do.
20.I am a gamer and really bad at it. but it's fun any way.

Tag lines
1. fish will rule along with fungi!
2. Stay open minded when commenting.
3. Alvia Acldeo made the icon (not current icon)
4. No one is above imagination.

Every day is random now!

1. Get started on the actual wacky battles Moba game.
2. Finish the battler's series.
3. Be better at art.
4. Write wack's histories
5. Finish the language of wack
6. Start my next game idea.

Note: Lyri cameo in book series!

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shroomworld387 has started a donation pool!
60 / 50
Shroomworld387: Please send point's I'm poor!

Winter wing: Don't listen to him, he just want's money.

Shroomworld387: It's point's not money! There is a big difference.

Winter wing: What ever, please only send as much as you want. Every bit of donation help's us out a lot!

Shroomworld387: Or you know of course you could just send me the point's. And I could use it for my own need's.

Winter wing: Or don't send any at all, it's really up to you. Not the shroom, he's an idiot who can't even spell the word phobia right.

Shroomworld387: Donate when ever you want I won't force ya :D

In all seriousness any donation would be great. And well appreciated :) It help's out with saving issues and also channel problems. But remember they are your point's and use them how you want to!

Now have a great day or night!

Winter wing: Now that's a better way to say it.

Smile shock: I actually said some thing! I'm victorious!

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