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Twilight -w- by Ba-sh
by Ba-sh

Ok let me start off with wow. The colors are awesome and smooth for the eye's. As well as the stance is wonderful. And not to mention t...

Grumpy forest dragon by Ba-sh
by Ba-sh

Ok hear's my words that i can say about it. First of the detail in the back ground is absolutly beautiful. With that paint like texture...

Portal to Skylands Pg 72 by Ba-sh
by Ba-sh

ok well it must be said the way he's standing is a great start because you got a amazing figure for it so probs on that now time for so...

PC: Sarahdia in the deep blue~ by Ba-sh
by Ba-sh

well i have to say you out did your self and heres what i have to sayabout this great piece of art the shading is great and wonderful t...


Cosmos by shroomworld387
Made with DeviantArt muro I finally finished this guy. And just man did he take for ever to draw. Even know he's so simple in design.

But any way this is cosmos Constellations brother. And here are a few things about him.

Name: cosmos
age: How ever old the universe is.
gender: male
birth place: Some where in the center of universe.
Family members: Constellation, Creation
personality: Nice, serious, A workaholic type, Mature, Not too humorous, Protective. 

Some more things about him.
1. Cosmos is overly protective of Constellation. Sense she is his only family member other than creation. In which creation never visits him. Or has ever talked to him. So Constellation is the most important thing to him.
2. Cosmos is six hundred and ninety three earth years older than Constellation.
3. Cosmos's job is to watch over and. Create universes As well as kill off stars and make black holes.
4. Cosmos is neither good or evil. He just dose his job.
5. Cosmos is practically the son of being that helped create many universes. 

And so there you go. I would go through his history but that would be about a whole three hundred page book. In order to write all of it. So i'm going to pas that. Part sorry.

Well i hope you like it and please have a great day or night see ya.

art/cosmos/Constellation (c) meh

H.O.R.N by shroomworld387
Made with DeviantArt muro Sorry that it's not the best thing. But to far Cosmos is proving tougher to finish than i thought. And even now it looks kinda out of place. 

So for the time being i'm stuck leaving you with this i am once. Again sorry for the problems and really bad art...

But i do hope you like it and please do have a great day or night see ya.

art (c) meh

Sarien by shroomworld387
Made with DeviantArt muro And say hello to the updated version of this picture So yeah. I have to say i do wish i used the black line art for this. But i had to try a little bit of the same color here and there for the line art. 

Any way this is my species island thing ah wait hold on a second... :iconspecies-island: There we go. Any way i finally came up with a name for guy his name is. Sarien. Now i know it sounds kinda like females name more than a males. But come on at least i thought of something. That counts as some thing right?

Well here are some things about the character.
Name: Sarien
Age: 16
Gender: male
current living location: The island that is yet to be named.
personality: Shy, Quite, Has a small amount of brain problems but not to many, Caring, Kinda humorous.

And thats really it for the moment. I hope you like him and please do have a great day or night. See ya!

art/Sarien (c) meh da shroom

species island (c) :iconba-sh: the lovely dragon spider.

- ba-sh
-species island
I am sentenced to death so what? by shroomworld387
I am sentenced to death so what?
Made with DeviantArt muro And this is why you can't glow to much. Or els people are going to kill. You mainly for the fact that there "jealous" but that dose not mean killing you is the answer it's just so your like them. Because once your dead. You no longer give of your beautiful radiant light...

I don't know i felt like practicing glowing effects :D (Big Grin)  Tell me how did i do?

Oh and have a great day or night.

art (c) shroomworld387 yeah i know right?

Ok first off fr a little side note. (I don't know if any one is going to read this.) Now back to the journal.

So some one said yes to doing the thirty day challenge thingy so i would like some one to tell me what to draw. On these "CHALLENGES" Basicly i don't care what you ask me to draw. Along if it dose NOT go against my rules which are so down below.

1. no nudity
2. no curse words
3. No content thats ay to mature. (although blood and gore can be excepted)

Ok so just ask away i promis i'll read every comment. And i'll try to draw every picture suggested (inless there is more than thirty.)

Well have a good day r night see ya.


Journal History


shroomworld387's Profile Picture
monsters and cretures
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
And hello there great people of the internet. And welcom to the house of horror's. My name is shromworld387 or you can call me. Shroomworld, shroomy, da shroom, shroom, or really anything you like.

Or also known as my home page. In here you will find taco's fish and the wabajack so yeah.

Any way i'm a traditional and digital artist. That really loves to say fish for some reason. Now i know the place looks like absolut junk so ah here have something flashy.

do u lime it by frigical do u lime it by frigical do u lime it by frigical

Ok not satisfied ok then bam Moving arena - nz2 by KPEKEP How about that no what ever.

Any way i'm usualy nice to talk to along if you. Give me bread (so i can throw it at my pesky neighbors)

Well any way i found this site due to some one on. You tube actuly about a year ago or so ago. But i didn't join untile :iconba-sh: Came along the road they were the one who inspired me to join. So yeah and i have been drawing and improving ever sense.

Yes i agree i have terrible spelling. SPLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSHHH!!!!
Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus Pants Man Dance GIF by Vendus

So i don't have many skill's. But i am good at speech and way's with wording. I am also good at killing thing's off in my stories and. Drawings as well i am good at gaming but definatly not the best.

Some random stuff about me and my beautiful history
1. When i was about five i got on a rolling chair and busted my head open when if feel over.
2. When i was about 6 or 7. I climed onto a broken pole when i was wet. And slippery and then slid down it making about 12 long and deep bloody scratches.
3. I was so sad at one time. That i tried to kill my self at school.
4. I am the picked on...
5. almost no one likes me or even cares that i exciest.

And that is my colorful history and facts.

Now please do enjoy your stay at my place.

: catchfrase online : have a good day or night

personal quoat: time isn't a toy it's a teaching

a quiz for my game wacky battles if your up to it

and if you whant to ask some of my oc's here you go

comissions if your interested

some people that i think you should see

1. :iconba-sh:

2. :icondragonrage19:

3. :iconmiss-astronaut:


and i am proud to say im a fan of the comic PTS i also think you will like it Portal to Skylands Stamp by Ba-sh

LLamas till next ID update: 100 update uncudes (more in my intrest folder. And some of the people who inspire me.)

1.i say fish alot in real life for some reason.
2.i also say taco alot.
3.i even say taco fish.
4.i have anger problems but i have a freind in real life who helps me with them.
5.I'm alway's happy even when i'm sad scared or even mad.
6.I have feelings for OC'S even when i know there not living.
7.I act like OC'S are real i have cover thins before but i'm going to bput it here permintly.
8.I really suck at spelling.
9.I have made the promis to never say a curse word ever again or even in my life once.
10.I practice art every day and love doing it.
11.I like to make friends with just about every one
12.I think to my self way to much for my own good.
13.I am still on the hunt to finde i real ml creature(it started like 3 years ago)
14.I am nice but kinda mean at the same time in real life.
15.I love being weird and kinda stupid it makes me speacle in my own way.
16.I have made an actule language and i use it at school.
17.I will never be perfect but thats good because that means i can always improve more and more.
18.I love every comment,LLama,view,fav,watch,point donation,gift, any one gives me.
19.I am always itching for random act's of kindness to do.
20.I am a gamer and reall bad at it. but it's fun any way.

I am sorry but i don't do requests so plaese just please don't ask for them. Thank you

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hi every one i would love some points for the chanle and it would make my day to gain some so i hope i can reach my goal and lets all have a nice day or night

point love by shroomworld387

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